Engagement story

  • Posted on: 8 May 2014
  • By: Mark

Let me think where should I start. There was a plan for my trip in December '13 to go and visit Anna. This was my third trip to the States and my second trip during which Anna and I were dating. Prior to this tripe, we'd discussed a couple of plans for an engagement in Europe around the Spring, but all of this was still vague and for sure not official. One thing that was for sure was that we would look for an engagement ring in the States during December. Another thing that was certain was a talk with her dad. If I was going to propose to her in the spring, that meant that I needed to talk to her dad before that and there wasn't a trip planned to the States between December '13 and the Spring '14.

What Anna didn't know was that her sisters and mom already knew about me planning an engagement in the States this trip...but it was hard to plan stuff around this plan with Anna around me. Thankfully, the first week that I was there, Anna wasn't free from her work so I was spending all day long at her family's house. On Monday, there was a lunch planned with her dad for the big question: "Do you want to give your blessing over our marriage." It was hard to start this conversation. Normally I'm not a nervous type, but I think you could say I was a bit nervous how to start this conversation. When I hadn't anything in my mouth to ask the question, Bryan was eating, so it was hard to find a moment where we both were able to speak. When I finally asked the question, he started to asked me a couple of question about why Anna and how I see the future. The lunch itself was long, but especially because this restaurant, Harvey's, was more like a firefighter meeting place. So Bryan {as a former firefighter chief} was a well-known person. A couple of people came to say hi to him and they didn't stay only for a greeting...they talked for a while. So he explained to several persons that I was going to marry his daughter and they all said congratulations...but he hadn't given his blessing at that moment, so he replied couple of times that we were still talking about that. So that was pretty funny. Anna was calling me at the moment when he gave his blessing and I was paying the bill, and I couldn't lie to her of course. So I told Anna that I was with her dad {which wasn't a lie} and was helping him with stuff. Thankfully Bryan took me to some places to look for a door in the basement so also the helping part was not really a lie.

So part one was done, asking permissions. The second part was finding a ring and keeping that a secret. Anna suggested that we look for a ring so that I had an idea of what styles she likes. So we went to the mall and visited a couple of jewelry stores {on the Monday evening after the talk with her dad}. Anna picked in every store her favorite ring and I let them write the rings down. The next day while Anna was working, Candace and I went to look at rings. First she showed me a jewelry store in downtown. Those rings were only $10,000 or above...so not really in a price range that I had in mind in my first thoughts! So Candace and I went to the mall to look at the rings Anna picked out. So after discussing and thinking, we were not agreed about the ring. I chose my favorite, but Candace was not a 100 percent in love with it. However, she said, "I don't need to wear it so it is still your and her choice." So I bought the ring. After that we did some Christmas shopping, so I didn't need to lie to Anna what I did with Candace. Anna, at that point, didn't know that I was that day with Candace in the mall, but still...I wanted to have a back up story in case she found out what I'd done that day. On the way back to home, Anna came from her work and we crossed each other. At that point Anna knew I was with Candace but talking about spending a day with her in the mall for Christmas shopping wasn't a lie at all.

Mission two accomplished, the third and last was finding a place for the proposal. My plan was to do this at Lake Robinson, because we spend a couple of times there to read our bible, pray and our silence time, so it was a place that we both liked. I already talked with Tabitha for doing the engagement pictures at the moment supreme, so Tabitha and I planned a moment to look at the lake for good spot to hide and do the proposal. Anna is not the dumbest person in the world so when we drove to the lake we told her that Tabitha and I need to do something together in downtown and we drove first the direction to downtown, Tabitha idea and that was a good idea because Anna was looking where we were driving to. When we came back, Anna said I thought you weren't going to downtown but going to the Lake, so she was close. Tabitha was not 100% agreed with this place and mentioned another place, a park in downtown. This is Anna's favorite park (strange Anna and I was dating for a year almost and never heard about this park before) so on the second monday (23th of December) Liz and I were planning to do some Christmas shopping for Anna and she needed some stuff for her Christmas list and helping dad for shopping for mom. So we went to downtown and first to Rock Quarry Garden, the park that is Anna's favorite. It is a really nice park, small and not really easy to hide for Tabitha to make some pictures without seeing. After that we went to Falls Park in downtown but we were both agreed, and thanks to Candace to mention it, no proposal on a busy place with a lot of people that can see and clap for you. So we decided that the place for the proposal was Rock Quarry Garden.

The day after, Tuesday the 24th, Anna dropped me off at the mall 'for the last Christmas gifts' with Jason, Tabitha and Reagan. I was, again, not lying because we did some gift shopping. After that we went to a friend of Tabitha to pick up a better lens for her camera and drove to Rock Quarry Garden. Tabitha was looking for places and Jason was helping her, the funniest moment was that I need to propose for Jason and Tabitha shoot some pictures to check if everything was good.

The whole family knew that Christmas Eve was the proposal day and pretty sure that Anna had an idea too. Anna and I planned to drop off a friend of her and that we would spend some time together at a place that I picked, she didn't know what place yet. Tabitha and Jason went back to downtown, they said, to look for a ring. Anna was paying so much attention that she was checking if Tabitha took her camera. So for sure she knew there was something going on. After we dropped Alex at her house I was making myself ready to drive to the park, but I got a text message that Tabitha wasn't done yet so I stopped my car and keep talking to Anna. When I got a second message that Tabitha was done I start driving. Anna was at that moment pretty sure that this text was a sign that I could come to the place and she said are we going to Rock Quarry Garden? That was the first time ever that she mentioned that name so I was like I've no idea where you are talking about so I asked some questions about this park. She start talking about her school moments that she came to this park to do homework, studying and spend break theres. We took a left, where we were supposed to go right. I knew that if I would go right that we saw Tabitha's car so at that point Anna was a bit confused. After all we came at the park and Anna's first words were, I'm not going to kiss you if my brother-in-law is laying in this park somewhere. So I lied to her that that wasn't happening. Anna was looking around to find a glimp of Tabitha and/or Jason even I didn't see them and I knew where they were so for sure a good hiding place and that was because, what I didn't know at that point, the were in full camo.

Anna and I talked and talked a bit, didn't want to make it too long because of the picture moment. I bend a knee and ask if she wants to marry me, she said yes and I saw Tabitha and Jason moving at that moment. Anna turned around and look at there direction and saw them too. So we walked to them over the little river and we started a photo shoot. Our first pictures from our engagement. Jason helped Tabitha a lot during this shoot to put us in the correct position.

After all a great day, a great time with a lot of secrets with her family.


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