Gift ideas

Hi all,

We really don't like to ask for presents, but we want to try to give you all an idea what we want. Anna will move after the wedding to The Netherlands. So all the gifts that we get in the States need to be shipped to The Netherlands and that will cost a lot of money. So we would be appreciated by little gifts / gift cards or money. I know it is pretty lame to ask gift cards or money for a wedding but that is what we need the most. We need to buy stuff for our house in The Netherlands and it will cost a small fortune to ship all your (for sure) beautiful presents to The Netherlands.

Also for the Dutch reception is money or gift cards the best idea. We can spend that to things we really need and when the time is there to go back to the States we have the same problem, shipping cost for al the nice presents. Thats why we would by as much as possible second handed stuff in The Neterlands for our house to not spend a bunch of stuff just for temporarily.

I hope you all understand this lame gift idea and just thanks in advice.

Mark and Anna