We have a house!

  • Posted on: 9 May 2014
  • By: Mark

It was a really blessing that Anna was able to check some house when she was here on trip. I started, what others would say, late to find a house. It was like the week before Anna came to The Netherlands when I start with some researching. I would say it was God's plan because now was Anna able to watch the house that I picked applied on, and not only I because Anna could help me to find a house that she liked. Our first visit was a really nice house, close to downtown, like 2 minutes walk form the downtown square! The neighborhood was not that good, because there were some homeless people around and it smells a bit to pee. It was also a place close to some nightlife places so for sure some loud people under our window. Beside that it was a big house, downstairs was a kitchen, hallway, restroom, living room and a balcony (yes downstairs was on the first floor of this building. First floor was an entree hall and in the basement was a storage place. The first floor of our house had a bathroom and 3 bedrooms. We were looking for at least 2 bedrooms, one for us and one office/second bedroom for visitors from the States like Anna's family. At the end we were agreed that this house was pretty expensive too.

The second place that we visit was really small, too small, but the neighborhood was lovely. It was on walking distance from downtown, but the streets were quite. So if we would just look to the environment this was much better than the first house. Sadness there was a living room with an open kitchen and the entrance of our bedroom was go through the kitchen and the badroom was through the bedroom. Not an ideal place for let people from the States come over and secondly not a place for my office (as in put a desk somewhere when I work from home).

From now on we were looking for houses with at least 2 bedrooms so at that moment there were not really an option of our house. Anna would leave in an half week so the change was small that we would visit another house together. With a little bit of luck, or just called it the house that was set apart for us, I found another house. Okay I'll give a little bit background. The agent of the first house that we visit, the expensive one, had also a house at the Antwerpsestraat (translated as Antwerpstreet). We applied also for that house but the agent told us that that house was already rented. When I was googling to agents around Bergen op Zoom I came by accident (question is, was it accidental or not!) at a agent 2 hours from Bergen op Zoom (so in Dutch terms not really close by!!). This agent had two houses for rental on..... the Antwerpsestraat. So on the same apartment where we applied our first house. Antwerpsestraat is close by the Jumbo, Albert Hein, Nettorama, Liddle and Aldi (all grocery stores) 2 bakeries that I know and one butcher and last but not least only 5 minutes walk form downtown! So I was researching the website from the agent, 2 hours away, and saw that the houses were official from an agent here in a village, Halsteren, close by Bergen op Zoom. So when I was checking their site, there was no information to rent this house, only to buy. So I called them to check if we could rent this place. The agent, my former school mate, called me back that they just heard that the were for rent, with other words I found it out earlier than the agent self (how lucky is that). The day after this phone call I got another phone call with the question if we want to visit those two apartments. I figured out that we were the first visitors and also had the first choice.

The first apartment was on the first floor. It had 3 bedrooms a living room, separated kitchen and a bathroom. For Dutch (old) apartments pretty common that the bathroom is reachable through the kitchen, for Anna was this completely new. The sad thing was, this house had no flooring. In The Netherlands it is the rule to bring the rental home back in original state, so you can paint the wall in every color that you want, but you need to bring it back to white. So this house was without flooring.

The second apartment was on the third floor, no elevator so not really easy to bring our furniture to that level. The two apartments were almost identical to each other. The second one had a flooring (YAY for us) but only two bedrooms. The first apartment had the third bedroom in the living room with a wall separated. Our living room is pretty huge so the plan was for the second apartment on the third floor to make a wall in our living room so we can create a third bedroom.

When we came home we discussed together the pro's and the cons and asked my parents what it would cost to put flooring in that apartment on the first floor. After some calculation it was cheaper to make a third room on the second apartment than put flooring in the first one. Anna and I were already agreed about the place, because we applied first on other one in that building (but that one was already gone). So within 24 hours after the visit we decided to choose the apartment on the third floor with two bedrooms and with a flooring.

Thanks to God that Anna was able to visit apartments with me and to make a choice with me. The best thing is to choice your living place with the one that is going to join you in that house!

When I've the key I will post some pictures only how it looks like.

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